Installed users details while converting the atlassian connect express app to forge

I have my app running which is developed by atlassian connect express and a lot of users are already using it.
My question is how do i convert/migrate to forge app without loosing the existing user details.

Thanks in advance.

@rajagopal this is probably a bigger discussion on how to migrate your app to Forge in general :slight_smile:
Where do you store user details right now? Is it some kind of a database that you maintain?

cc @jhazelwood

Hi @rajagopal ,

The following docs are available on how to migrate your app then update your marketplace listing in order not to lose your installations. Is that what you’re after, or does your app store user data itself and you’d like to migrate that data onto Forge storage?

James Hazelwood

@jhazelwood would you mind clarifying the current state of the Connect-on-Forge migration project?

I get very confused when reading this because it sounds like apart from some limitations it’s possible for Connect apps to migrate to Forge.
In a recent catch-up with my TPM, I had the impression the project was still in an early alpha stage and not really ready for production. On the other hand, there is no mention of an early alpha stage in your post or in the posted doc links.

Maybe I am confusing certain migration scenarios?

cc @Martin.Alvarez

@tbinna migrating your marketplace-listed Connect app directly to a Forge re-write is supported today, and I’d be happy to answer questions about that here or in a new thread if that’s what you’d like to do.

What is not as well supported is what we’ve been calling “Connect-on-Forge”, or State 1 in this model. This entails moving to Forge but keeping your Connect modules, transplanting them to connectModules in your Forge Manifest, in order to gradually migrate from there. The first doc linked above has a long list of shortcomings in Connect-on-Forge that would be deal-breakers for most Connect apps.


Oh ok, that makes sense now. :bulb:-moment there. Thanks @jhazelwood that’s the point I was missing.