Installing app shows error message

Steps to reproduce the bug:
Install the Table Filter and Charts app. The same issue can be reproduced, for example, with the Scroll PDF Exporter app.

Expected Result:
The app installs.

Actual Result:
An error message is shown

Looks like the issue appeared within the last 24 hours.


Hi @akhaneev ,

To help isolate the problem, you able to provide a minimal reproducible example?


Based on extra details that have arrived separately which indicate that this is affecting multiple apps that have not recently been changed, I’ve sent an enquiry to the Confluence Cloud Ecosystem team to investigate.

Hi @dmorrow, I’m not sure this is related to Confluence. We experience similar issues with our Jira add-on (, key app.jxl); not for all installations, but occasionally.

If this helps with your logs, here’s one recent case:

  • We successfully received and responded to an ‘installed’ lifecycle hook at 2021/04/29 10:04:06 UTC.
  • This was followed by the ‘enabled’ hook shortly after, also responded to successfully.
  • According to the customer, the yellow “Try it free” button in Emcee kept spinning
  • At 2021/04/29 10:08:10 UTC, we received and responded to the ‘uninstalled’ and ‘disabled’ lifecycle hook.
  • According to the customer, the “We ran into a little trouble” flag was shown.
  • You will see that the customer tried the same several times after that, always with the same result.

I suspect that we had a similar situation a few times already over the past weeks.

PM me for more information.

Thank you very much,

Hi @hobweger,

I think you are right. After brief analysis, the Confluence team passed this on the the Marketplace team since they own the code that manages (part of) the installation of apps in both Jira and Confluence.


I have created for the Marketplace team to fix. They have started investigating it, although they haven’t yet had much luck reproducing the problem.

@dmorrow, our customer (who is an Atlassian Platinum Partner) consistently runs into this issue. I’m happy to connect you and the team with this customer; I’m sure they’d be happy to help reproducing the issue. We’re obviously very eager to have this fixed ASAP, since we (and the entire ecosystem) are losing money with every failed install.

@akhaneev it reminded me of this post:

So if you have migrated your instance recently, try checking access of the imported groups.

@lexkovalenko1, thank you for the tip. Confluence instances we used to test on were not migrated and existed for years before the issue.

Hi @dmorrow,

Any update on this? One of our customers is experiencing this bug and submitted a support request this morning. We can reproduce this on our own test instance.

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Hi @EliseBeer ,

The Marketplace team have been looking into this, but have had difficulty reproducing it. They are continuing to investigate.


@dmorrow, any update? We keep losing customers because of this.

The Marketplace team have been looking into this, but have had difficulty reproducing it.

As mentioned above, we have a customer (who is also an Atlassian Platinum Partner) who can reproduce this. Can the Marketplace team please set up a call with them and debug the installation process?

16 days after being first reported here, this bug is still unassigned and grossly mis-prioritised.

App vendors are losing trials and revenue every day because of this.

As @hobweger wrote, we have a customer (an Atlassian Platinum Partner) who can reproduce it. We are offering our assistance. This is a perfect opportunity for you to understand and fix a blocker bug. I’m struggling to understand how there can be “difficulty reproducing“?

@dmorrow Perhaps this will be helpful DEVHELP-5920 ? The explanation was:

Both the customer and my instance are expired, which prevents Apps from installing. In my case, I thought I already had a free, developer instance but I’ll have to troubleshoot that later. In the customer case, they are on a monthly plan where payment expired on 12 Mar.

I’m not across the details of the problem, but I see this comment in our internal chat:

on further investigation, for some cases, UPM is not returning license details for current installed apps, and FE not being able to get subscription details throws Unable to get subscription information from UPM error which shows the error popup even though app is installed.

Thanks for that update @dmorrow - Is there an ETA for a fix for this?

Hi @danielfranz ,

I don’t think there’s an ETA yet, but the team are actively working on it. There’s an internal incident ticket that the team are working against, but I’ve requested they also provide updates of [AMKT-25180] Intermittent app installation errors - Ecosystem Jira to share progress.