“Installing atlassian-connect.json” stuck for several hours

I’m currently testing out changes to the descriptor of my app. For this purpose I’m installing the new descriptor using “Upload app” link on the Confluence app management screen.

The installation of the new descriptor is currently stuck at “Installing atlassian-connect.json…”. Reloading the page and trying to install the app again ends up in the same situation.

Last night the installation was stuck on both of my test instances for around 3 hours. Earlier today it was stuck for around 30 minutes on one of my instances and then worked again. Meanwhile on my other instance it worked initially but then got stuck.

No request to my atlassian-connect.json is made until the installation actually succeeds.

This issue is a blocker for me right now. Is there anything specific that is causing it? Is there a workaround?


I’m having this exact same problem.

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I also have experienced this problem recently

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