Installing (private) apps To Jira with access tokens

So I followed the steps from this page:

Installing apps with access tokens

After generating the token, you can use the token URL to install the app and apply the token in the same process:

  1. Copy your token link from your Private listings page in Marketplace.
  2. Log into the cloud instance where you want to install your app.
  3. Go to Manage add-ons in the administration console.
  4. Click Settings at the bottom of the page.
  5. Check the box to Enable private listings .
  6. Back in the Manage add-ons page, click Upload add-on .
  7. Paste the URL of your descriptor from the Marketplace, and click Upload .
    Your descriptor is retrieved and installed, and your token is applied. You should see an “Installed and ready to go!” dialog.

I see that I have a private listing associated with a token, however:

  1. The image before these instructions seems to suggest that there is a url to the customers cloud server. I do not see this url produced when I create a private listing with a token.

  2. Also, I am assuming that this descriptor file is what is produced from the link ( atlassian-connect json) that is generated from the private listing. (…/atlassian-connect.json?access-toke=i …) and what I am using to in the Upload-AddOn input box…


In this listing, I do not see the " authentication object" and is the Link pointing to this file the one that I should be using in the Upload Add-on

  1. The instructions on the previous page,

      suggest that the url that manifest the link information above  is the url to be used based on step 7. from the instructions below. The app I am attempting to install in intend for  for use with Atlassian Jira based Clouds  instances. 

Installing an app using the Universal Plugin Manager

Installing your app adds it to your Atlassian Cloud application. To be more precise, installing is really just registering the app with the application and the only thing that is stored by the application at this time is the app descriptor.

You can install an app with the UPM, for version 2.14 or later, as follows:

  1. Log in to the Atlassian application interface as an admin or a system administrator. If you started the application with Atlassian’s SDK, the default username/password combination is admin / admin .
  2. Choose cog icon > Add-ons from the menu. The Administration page will display.
  3. Choose the Manage add-ons option.
  4. Scroll to the page’s bottom and click the Settings link. The Settings dialog will display.
  5. Make sure the Private listings option is checked and click Apply .
  6. Scroll to the top of the page and click the Upload Add-on link.
  7. Enter the URL to the hosted location of your app descriptor. In this example, the URL is similar to the following: http://localhost:8000/atlassian-plugin.xml . (If you are installing to a cloud site, the URL must be served from the Marketplace, and will look like // access-token=9ad5037b )