Instantiate an AvatarTranscoder with a JiraHome object

I need to instantiate an object of AvatarTranscoder. The only constructor is:

AvatarTranscoder(AvatarManager avatarManager, AvatarTagger avatarTagger)

AvatarManager can be extracted from ComponentAccessor. To instantiate AvatarTagger we have the class AvatarTaggerImpl with the constructor:

AvatarTaggerImpl(JiraHome jiraHome)

JiraHome is an interface that you can implements with 5 distinct classes. I have proved some options and I always get the error:
java.lang.InstantiationError: com.atlassian.jira.avatar.AvatarTranscoder

Someone knows how to instantiate JiraHome to construct an correct AvatarTranscoder object?

Don’t try to instantiate one, use the ComponentAccessor:

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it works. thank you very much