Integrate Confluence into my Project

Dear Team,
We have web application which is build based on reactJS (Frontend) and sprint boot (Backend).
We have a requirement where we need to show/embed the confluence page into our web Application to add/edit content and download the content with customized format!!

Kindly suggest do we have any plugins or libraries to integrate confluence into my application.
FYI, We have access and using confluence in my organization but want to integrate into application instead of using confluence directly.

I’m not sure if you need cloud or server help, but you might be able to achieve some of what you want using the GET /content and POST /contentbody/convert REST APIs. Cloud links below, but server counterparts exist.

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One option (since you did mention plugins) is to take a look at’s offering…

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Thank you @BobBergman. I will go through them.

Thank you @danielwester, I will check on it.


It would be interesting to know what the exact use case for you would be and how you would like it to behave.

Scroll Viewport also offers a so called inAppHelp to provide Confluence content within an app.
This allows you to integrate the published Confluence content nicely themed within your app the way you want (as an iframe).
Our Scroll Viewport Cloud app is making use of that feature in various positions in the UI.

You can test this with our documentation by just adding “?inAppHelp=true” to the Url of an article.
It’s also possible to hide certain articles from the regular documentation (remove from navigations, search etc.) to have dedicated content integrated for the UI (like we do in our app).

Maybe this is what you are looking for? Otherwise it would be nice to know why this feature wouldn’t solve your problem and what else you would have expected.

I hope this helps.


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