Integrating a web app with JIRA OAuth

I am developing a web app. I want to add JIRA based Authentication to the app. Just like “Login with Google” or “Login with Facebook”, I am trying to implement “Login with JIRA”. I am following this article to configure OAuth using “Application Link”. In Step 2. Do the “OAuth dance”, point 4, the user will be redirected to JIRA and he will be asked to allow access. Now we will get verification token. In normal OAuth flows like “login with Google”, we won’t get this verification token. We will be automatically redirected to the web app. So what is this Verification token? How to avoid this step and make user redirect to web app along with his token after approving the access? Is there a library to make this JIRA OAuth simple to use?

Jira uses an older version of OAuth, OAuth 1.0a which requires the verification step. Other sites like Google or Facebook as you suggested use OAuth 2 and that version of OAuth doesn’t require the verification step to be manually done.

There are some libraries listed on the bottom of the page you linked to that may make Jira OAuth easier.