Integrating Jira Cloud with IBM SOAR

Dear Atlassian Community,

I am starting an integration with IBM SOAR (CP4S), and I started reading quite a lot of documentation. Unfortunately, I stumbled upon some issues with the tokens.

I have some difficulties generating them via the scripts in this doc OAuth.

Some scripts are giving me error, like this one:
openssl x509 -pubkey -noout -in jira_publickey.cer > jira_publickey.pem

It does not recognize the parameter ‘>’ in openssl

I cannot open the .pem file as well, so I cannot get the created public key to link the applications. This kind of creating keys is kind of holding me back, so if anyone has some experience with similar integration, could you give some advice on the steps?

I will be very grateful!

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Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @NadezhdaHristova,

The > character is a standard shell operator for “redirect to a file” so, technically, it’s not a “parameter” for openssl but for any command. To my knowledge, it works the same on both Windows & Linux shells. Can you provide the specific error message? Can you let us know what output you get without it?

Hi Ian,

That is the error:

I am using Visual Studio for Terminal operations, but for the screenshot I opened a terminal in the folder which contains the files and it returned the same.


Thanks for the additional context. The instructions provided are expected to be run from the shell command line, where > pipes to a file, not the OpenSSL command line. Can you just run each openssl command separately with bash instead?

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Ah yes, it worked! Thank you.

Now my next question is - in the application links page, are the Outgoing and Incoming Auth data

provided only by the consumer, or do I need to put URLs and tokens from my Jira instance?

I am sorry for the questions, it is just that the documentation is a bit confusing since it is describing the connection with an example/test client, created fictionally.


Yes, that documentation is very confusing and very old. I’m sure you noticed the message at the top of the page:

OAuth 1.0a is a legacy authentication method and, therefore, isn’t recommended.

Alas, some vendors/tools still choose to use that method. Perhaps you could raise a bug or feature request with IBM to use a newer method, like OAuth 2.0.

Anyway, you will certainly need an “incoming link” so that SOAR can make requests on Jira. But I’m not sure what else would be required. Hopefully, you can find all the right settings.