Integrating jira issue creation

Hello JIRA community,

I am currently working on a JIRA integration project. I would like to develop an issue creation panel for JIRA Cloud within my app.

I have seen the issue creation API as well as the issue creation metadata one for the custom fields however I am wondering if it is the only and best way to go ( as it would require for us to handle all the types of fields ) or if there are tools or libs which can help us doing it. Furthermore, if you have any advice or resources to help us achieve our goal we would be very grateful,



Hi @LucaSavarino ,

Welcome to our community :).
Our REST APIs for Jira Cloud is the only way apps can and should integrate with Jira.
Can you share what problem specifically are you trying to solve?
Existing issue creation panel is quite customisable - you can add/remove fields from it…