Integrating Jira with BMC Remedy

BMC Remedy system supports several types of authentication (NOAUTH, BASIC, OAuth2, AR-JWT, RSSO, OAuth2JWT). For each type we have the ability to supply auth parameters as a key/value.

What is the best to use when calling Jira from BMC Remedy?

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I think the only option that could possibly work is BASIC. I’m no expert on Remedy’s HTTP capabilities but the other options don’t look like anything Jira supports. I recommend using that option with personal access tokens.

Thank you.
But what about OAuth? It seems Jira supports it since it is listed in Jira admin pages. (Jira administration > System > OAuth 2.0)

Jira supports OAuth 2.0 but not for REST APIs. The REST API docs state:

The following authentication methods are supported for the Jira REST APIs: OAuth 1.0a, Basic authentication

The documentation on Integrating with OAuth 2.0 isn’t quite as clear as the REST API docs, but is written in the context of creating issues and comments from email, using OAuth 2 to authenticate with Gmail or Microsoft Exchange Online. This is a completely different internal subsystem than for REST APIs.

So between the supported authentication methods for Jira REST APIs, what is the best to use when calling Jira from BMC Remedy?

BASIC with personal access tokens .

And how can we call BMC Remedy from Jira?
(for any updates of a Jira issue that needs to be reflected back in BMC remedy system)


Jira does not have any out-of-the-box integration with BMC Remedy. Nor do I know enough about BMC Remedy to recommend how to use mechanisms like Webhooks or Automation. However, there is at least 1 Marketplace App that claims to solve for Jira + BMC Remedy integration: Sync BMC Remedy with Atlassian Apps