Integrating Jira with external systems

Hi, sorry for the vagueness but I’m looking for general technical advice without knowing much about the product.

We are providing IT support to another company using Jira. We would like to integrate Jira with our own PSA, ConnectWise.

Can anyone confirm whether Jira can be configured to send emails to an external address when tickets are logged?

Also, does Jira have the concept of user groups to we could configure it to only send us updates for tickets logged by the limited set of users we provide support to?

TIA, Adam

Hi @AdamCollischeekymunk ,

I believe you can do almost everything you are mentioning in here by using Jira Cloud automation rules.

Also, please notice that the developers community is actually dedicated to app development and similar. For questions on how Jira works and how to configure things you might wanna go ask the Atlassian Community instead.


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Hi Dario,

Thanks for taking he time to answer. That’s helpful so much appreciated.

Sorry for posting on the wrong board.


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