Integration Testing with Jira Page Objects: Set Base URL

Hello, I’m trying to test my Jira Server plugin’s frontend using Jira Page Objects with JUnit4. The basic setup works fine: I can select page elements and check their contents. However, the testing framework seems to use my machine’s hostname instead of localhost to access the jira instance. In other words, it calls http://myhostname:2990/jira instead of http://localhost:2990/jira. This is a problem because Jira’s base URL is set to localhost, and thus, some REST API calls done by the frontend’s javascript code get rejected. One solution is to change the base URL to my machine’s hostname in the Jira admin panel, but then I’d have to do that manually each time I reset my testing environment, and I cannot include that in our default setup data because obviously every developer’s machine has a different hostname.

So, is there a way to make the testing framework use localhost instead of my machine’s hostname?