Intercepting unauthorized page requests

For both Jira and Confluence Server.


We would like to create a custom “Access Denied/Unauthorized” page for all instances of when a user tries to access a page that they do not have permissions to access for all the various reasons (no space permissions, no project permissions, page restrictions, filter restrictions, calendars, etc.). We want to return our own custom page with information on who to contact to request access.

I am thinking perhaps implementing a javax.servlet.Filter and if there is an API that allows me to check the user’s authorization to access any page before passing the request off the the rest of the FitlerChain if authorized. Does this sound feasible and if so, any suggestions on what API to use?


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No one?

So, this would entail:

  • Checking the user authorization for any request
  • Responding to any request with our own custom page, but with the standard Confluence/Jira page header and footer.

Really, just crickets? Is anyone out there?