Interested in writing Power-Up-focused blogs for Trello?

Calling all Power-Up developers! Our marketing team is eager to write more blogs about Power-Ups (did you see the most recent one?). And they’d love to co-write them with you, Power-Up developers.

If you have some wisdom, tips, and actionable advice that you think is worth sharing with the Trello community, let us know:

(Sorry this is a stretch use for an “Announcement” but I thought almost everyone would love to see this.)

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Looks like the link under “did you see the most recent one” text is incorrect…

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:man_facepalming: You mean you didn’t want to check your local weather?

Meant to link here: More Power And More Control: The Power-Ups Menu Is Moving. Will update!


Hey @bentley I cant seem to access the form :frowning: could you edit the permissions for us please?

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Try now.

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