Interesting projects with publicly available source code to learn from

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if you know about projects that are built on atlassian SDK, are interesting from architectural point of view and whose source code is publicly available, on github for instance.

I have already tried to do a fulltext search on github based on atlassian-specific keywords, but I have always found only some minor trivial projects.

The reason I’m asking is that I would like to broaden my experience of how Atlassian plugins may be structured and to find some new approaches. Of course I always refer to documentation and sample projects of technologies I work with, but there is nothing better than seeing the techs in action on real projects.

Any inspiration would be highly appreciated!
Vojtěch Schlemmer [MoroSystems, s.r.o., Czech Republic]


Not an actual project but Adaptavist has a refapp project in their public repository and I think it gives a good idea about how a production ready plugin configuration looks like:


Hi Kubilay,

thanks, this looks interesting, I will definitely take a look at it!