Internationalization I18n of title in manifest.yml

How can I provide multiple languages for configuration items in manifest.yml like page title?

    - key: myapp
      title: Name of App <--- This should support multi language I18n

I am using jira:projectPage in manifest.yml of my Forge Custom UI. How can I provide the page title in multiple languages e.g. en, de, ?

  • Name of App (en)
  • Name der App (de)
  • Nom de application (fr)

I can use i18next in my React app in Custom UI, but this has no influence on things like title in the manifest.yml afaik.

Hi @Holger,

It is currently not possible to change the module names depending on the locale of the site and user.

This request is tracked as part of [FRGE-387] - Ecosystem Jira .


Since this is open for some time, is this on the roadmap or somehow planned by Atlassian as an update of Forge?

It looks like it might be coming in the next few months based on the corresponding card in the Forge roadmap, which is now also linked to the FRGE ticket.