Introducing Adopting Forge from Connect (preview)

Hi everyone,

We’re pleased to announce the preview availability of adopting Forge from Connect. We’ve published a blog post with more details available here.

Existing Connect apps now have a simpler, automated and incremental pathway to adopt Forge capabilities. This release includes:


A quick plug, we’ll also be hosting an Atlassian Community Event session in the coming weeks, where we’ll walk through a live demo and take your questions. You can sign up for whichever time works better for you: the A session (optimized for Europe), or the B session (optimized for the US). The content will be the same for both broadcasts.

In the interim - if you have any questions, we are monitoring and responding to questions on the Adopting Forge from Connect channel.


A big thank you to everyone who joined our European session last week - there were some great questions asked in the Q&A.

A reminder that our second session which is optimised for the US and Oceania will be hosted tomorrow. If you’re interested in attending, you can still register here.

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I managed to miss both sessions :person_facepalming: - are you going to share a recording and/or a summary of the Q&A?


Hey Steffen,

Those should be coming soon, I think, but in the mean time you can check out the demo app and have a read of the blog post and documentation linked in the original post if you haven’t already :smiley: - also happy to answer your questions here.



Hey @sopel,

The recording of the first session is now available here.


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