Introducing Code Insights for Bitbucket Server, continuously improve code quality with quick actionable feedback from apps



Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce Early Access Program (EAP) of Code Insights for Bitbucket Server.

CI systems and other code analysis tools produce useful information about a codebase as it evolves, but how can developers take advantage of this information? How can teams benefit from this information without burdening developers with endless context switching and commit revisions? For organizations interested in DevOps, this leans heavily into the concept of “shifting left” by presenting important development information directly on Pull Requests inside the product in order to proactively diagnose potential issues, shorten test cycles, and improve code quality.

Currently, the following apps support Code Insights:

  1. Snyk
  2. JFrog (see their blog for more details!)
  3. Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle

Or you can build your own integration using REST API.

During coming weeks you’ll see Code Review Assistant for Bitbucket and Sonar for Bitbucket Server many other popular developer tools adding support for Code Insights within their integrations or apps for Bitbucket Server.

This EAP release allows app vendors and customers with in-house apps/integrations to update their apps and ensure they will work with the public release of Bitbucket Server with Code Insights.

Important things to note about this EAP release:

  • This release is not intended for production environments.
  • The final Code Insights release may contain features that are not available in this release.
  • Both the REST and Java API may change between the EAP release and the final relase.
  • There may be other minor UI changes between this release and the public release of Bitbucket Server with Code Insights.

Installing this Bitbucket Server EAP release

Installers and archives can be downloaded on the Bitbucket EAP website, or by using the following links:

Sources are available for users with a valid Bitbucket Server license through their license details at

This Bitbucket Server EAP can also be run with AMPS by running this command with the Atlassian Plugin SDK installed:

atlas-run-standalone -u 6.3.18 --product bitbucket --version 5.15.0-eap1

We need your feedback!

If you have any questions or feedback about this preview of Bitbucket Server with Code Insights, ask them with the Bitbucket Server tag here, in the Atlassian Developer Community forums, or raise a suggestion on Bitbucket Server project on Our friendly team of developers will respond to them.

Code Insights presents valuable information, e.g., static analysis reports, results of security scans, links to artifacts, during the pull request code review process. This helps developers identify problems early and progressively improve the quality of the codebase.


To learn more about the JFrog integration read the Blog-JFrog integration with Bitbucket Code Insights.



Bitbucket Server 5.15 has been released and contains the Code Insights feature!

If you want to start understanding quality reports and annotations, check out our user documentation and look for third-party apps supporting code insights in the Atlassian Marketplace.

To create your own integration, checkout our how-to guide or follow this tutorial on how to add your static analysis results as code insights. For more detailed information on the API, see the REST and Java documentation.