Introducing Data Residency for Connect Apps

The new install process is clear but what is the event flow for a customer that is moving from one region to another?

Now all data for my app is loaded in the EU, the Ireland AWS region to be precise. As I understand it the customer needs to uninstall and reinstall the app to move to the US. I would imagine that the customer would be expecting its data to be moved as well. Will the installation lifecycle include fields to indicate the region move? Or will the app need to handle this without being notified from Jira?


I am also intrested to know the answer for this scenario

lets say a user is using the product in a region and later pins to a specific region
which gets scheduled and migrated

do the existing(installed) apps get any notification like install event? so that the app specific data can be migrated.

@PurnaChandraBoyapati @markrekveld some of those questions are answered here How to migrate customers to the correct region after releasing data residency support

There’s a migration process that customers can trigger for their Jira/Confluence instances documented under the “Request a data residency move” section

While we’re moving your product to its new location, it will be offline and your users won’t be able to access it. This process takes around two to four hours, depending on the size and type of your data. You should, however, plan for your product to be offline for up to 24 hours.
This is due to how we schedule data residency moves. When you request a move, you select a 24-hour move window. We’ll start and finish your move during this time, but we cannot say exactly when. So you can follow our progress, we’ll email you when your move starts, and when it’s finished and your product is back online.

At the moment there are no Connect webhooks to allow apps to migrate their data during that migration window.

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Thank you.

do you have any idea about this is it relevant ? seems to be old one.

Thanks for the links, especially the seeking feedback one.

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