Introducing Forge Quest, a course for new Forge Developers

We’ve been working on a course for new Forge developers called Forge Quest and we’d love your Feedback.

Forge Quest is intended to be worked through from start to end - which is a little different to the current approach in our docs today.

Forge Quest will

  • Introduce the Atlassian Ecosystem.
  • Give an overview of Jira and Confluence, including key concepts that will be helpful when developing apps for these products
  • Familiarise users with the Atlassian Developer documentation needed to build a Forge app
  • Explain where to go for help, and support
  • Include longer, more in depth tutorials than those offered in the getting started section

Check out the course content now at Forge Quest: Welcome, and let us know what you think.


Really great that you are working on improving learning possibilities for Forge.

While going through the first pages, I think the section about Product API could benefit some more text.

Product Bridge API

The product bridge API is a JavaScript API that enables custom UI and UI Kit 2 apps to securely integrate with Atlassian products.

It sounds like a small thing and you somewhat overread it, but here is where the business logic und product REST APIs is happening.

Also would already mention on this page how to store data of your app.

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This is a good initiative, and I look forward to working through the course.

Please note that when I clicked on the feedback form, I got a “you need permission” message.

Thanks Craig, it’s nice to hear you are looking forward to it - I’m looking forward to continuing to build and improve it.
I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise the form wasn’t accessible outside Atlassian - I’ve created a new survey now

Thanks for sharing this quest. I will check it out and most definitely give you some feedback. I have two questions:

  1. Since the Forge platform is developing fast, are you planning on regularly updating this Forge quest?
  2. Can you give us the rough estimations of the time needed to complete this Quest?

So far at Elements we were using our home made and open sourced Forge tutorial which was quite useful when onboarding a new developer on this platform.

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Hey @dusan.spaic thanks for your interest!

  1. Yes - in fact it’s not complete yet, but the plan is that it will be a living part of our docs, which means we’ll need to update it as Forge and our products change.
  2. At the moment I haven’t really timed it, because this is just the first module and so I expected to need to tweak and change things based on feedback. I’ve added a task in my Forge Quest project to work out times for each part of the quest however so I hope to have this in the future.
    Thanks for sharing that.
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Thanks for the feedback Holger, I’ll see what I can do!

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