Introducing OpenSearch for Confluence DC

What’s changing

As you might remember, we’re making preparations to introduce OpenSearch as an opt-in feature for our customers in a future Confluence Data Center release. With OpenSearch, we’re aiming to externalize indexing processes to support large customers in improving performance for their search- and index-related functions in Confluence DC.

Vendors, if your apps are using the Lucene API independently, consider moving to the Confluence search v2 API to minimize disruption to customers who take advantage of the OpenSearch engine capabilities. We’ll maintain compatibility with our v2 search API as much as possible, so most current integrations should not cause any issues.

Testing your plugins with OpenSearch

OpenSearch integration is available as a preview feature starting from version 8.9. Please test your plugins to make sure they work as expected with OpenSearch. Please refer to the our guide on how to configure Confluence with OpenSearch.

Note that as a preview feature, OpenSearch currently has some limitations we are working on, which are also outlined in the guide.

The feature will be officially released to general customers in the near future.

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Does this mean that users will be able to do exact match searches without lucene(stupid autocorrect) stop words being removed from the exact match?

That alone would be worth it. Confluence search is a mess when exact match searches are rewritten behind the scenes.

CONFSERVER-14910 is over 15 years old at this point. Is it really going to get closed?


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Hi David. Search behaviours will largely remain unchanged between Lucene and OpenSearch, since those behaviours are written on top of an API set that’s agnostic to the underlying platform (i.e. Lucene vs OpenSearch).
Regarding CONFSERVER-14910, the fix is currently available as a dark feature and will eventually be released to the broader public at a later point. This will remain true independently of the transition from Lucene to OpenSearch. However, a transition to OpenSearch will require a site reindex so this could provide an opportunity to enable the dark feature as stated in the ticket.