Introducing Space Views: a whole new way to view your spaces

Hi developer community,

Space Views will allow each user to opt to view the pages in the sidebar by one of 4 specific sorting options. Each space sort is saved across sessions/browsers and devices. Each space can be set to whichever sort that you’d like, and going back to page tree is as simple as one click. This sort only affects that user’s view of spaces, and doesn’t change anything for anyone else.

What is changing?

A new “…” menu will be added to the Pages item above the page tree in the sidebar of a space. Clicking it will allow you to view the pages in that space sorted by one of 4 options:

  • Tree (Default)
  • My Visits (Note that this functions more like a filter than a sort as it only includes pages in a space that the current user has visited.)
  • Last Updated (Sorted by the most recent updates made by any user)
  • Title A-Z (Alpha sorted list of pages)

Why is it changing?

This is a brand new feature and as such it’s in an early state. Our customers have asked for better ways to browse content in a space, and this is a brand new way to help them do it.

What do I need to do?

No action is required a this time. We just wanted to make you are aware that it’s coming, and give you the first chance to see it in action. As it displays the same content as page tree, any means you had of creating pages should also populate into a sorted “Space View”.

Our plan is to begin rolling this out to customers in mid-March, and complete by the end of April. We just rolled it out to the developer first release cohort today. This shouldn’t break or add any API touch-points.


Hey, this looks like a nice improvement :slight_smile:

Are those lists limited to a certain amount of pages? I’m afraid in larger spaces flat lists (at least A-Z) won’t be that useful. Maybe add a quick filter / search input box?

Thanks for sharing.

This looks like a great extension point, actually. Any plans for that?


Yeah, having now had a chance to play with it, I’m wondering about the usability on long lists of pages and also if people will miss the control anyway. Some other missed opportunities is the design too.

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