Introducing the spacing scale - the beginnings of an Atlassian Spacing System


We’re excited to announce the beginnings of a new spacing system for the Atlassian Design System.

Until now, there was no spacing system supported by the Atlassian Design System. Without a defined spacing system, spacing can often be applied inconsistently, and hand-over between designers and engineers is more difficult due to a lack of shared terminology.

The spacing scale which has been released in beta on the Atlassian Design website utilises an 8 pixel base unit from which every scale value is derived. The use of a single base unit and discrete scale means that it will be easier for designers to create consistent and predictable layouts, and for developers to implement those layouts with confidence.

The spacing system that we build will also serve as a foundation that will unlock responsiveness and allow our customise UI density in the future, which will enhance the overall quality and accessibility of our products.

What’s next?

The spacing scale and this preliminary guidance is the first step towards building out a complete spacing system for makers. Following on from our spacing scale, the Atlassian Design System team will be working on introducing spacing tokens, a spacing framework, and primitives system, as well as the tooling and documentation required to easily transition to and develop new designs using the system.

We’ll be sharing more about our spacing system as it progresses, so keep an eye out. Thank you for the support, and please direct any questions and/or feedback to us here!

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