Invalid manifest and forge tunnel

An app that was working fine yesterday started giving me issues today.
I get an “invalid manifest” error in the page BUT if I launch the tunnel the app works fine. re-deployed and re-installed several times, but no luck…
Any idea?

I found similar issues here Simple UI and here Invalid manifest Jira

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There was just a 2.0.0 Forge CLI launched. I upgraded and the error message went away.

Unfortunately it did not work for me. I was already on 2.0.0, I re-installed it and updated the dependencies but no luck.

Hey @MatteoGubelliniSoftC, thanks for raising this. I’m investigating this now and will get back to you when I’ve found the issue, or may ask for more info if I am not able to.

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Hey @MatteoGubelliniSoftC, we just deployed what we believe should be a fix for the issue. Could you please re-deploy and try again?


Yep, working fine now, thanks a lot!!