Invalid value for custom field type


I am working wtih Python and when I tried to update a custom field I have this error

Invalid value for custom field type
Update Custom Field item on Card

PUT /1/cards/{idCard}/customField/{idCustomField}/item

Documentation example

 "value": {
 "text": "<string>",
 "checked": true,
 "date": "2018-03-13T16:00:00.000Z",
 "number": 2154

I need to set number field but I do not know how pass this parameter in the querystring variable.

querystring = {‘number’: ‘123’,“key”:KEY,“token”:TOKEN}

response = requests.request(“PUT”, url, params=querystring)

Thanks a lot for you help, I appreciate so much.

Hi @PatricioChristianGar - welcome to the community. Here’s a link to a guide on custom fields in Trello. Scroll down to the section titled Setting & Updating CustomFieldItems.