Inviting users via Rest API best practise

Hi! I have some question about api usage.
I am creating Core Api for automatization of Onboarding process. So basically at this point I have user with his corporate email and my next step will be to add him to my company’s jira.
As I was reading documentation I saw that “Create user” method was marked as experimental and is retained for legacy compatibility. Also somewhere in threads on this forum I’ve read that this method is not recommended to use now.
So, is using this method a good practise now? If not, what are the best practices to automate inviting new users into Jira?
I saw that there is a new api 3 beta version, maybe in this case it is better to use it?
And final question: Is it really worth automating this stuff right now, or it is better to wait for a while for api 3 release?

@KyrylHalmiz welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

The v3 API has been in beta for at least a few years. It is commonly used by production apps and has been relatively stable despite the label. That said, the “beta” label does create a reason for Atlassian to not adhere to our own API policy so I won’t dismiss some element of risk. But the “experimental” label is still in the docs and the documented caveats apply. (What is experimental beta? :wink: ) In short, API 3 doesn’t help.

The reason for all this uncertainty about Jira’s user management APIs has to do with the move toward a common administrative layer for all Atlassian. Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello share a common underlying identity and access management capability, which can be accessed via the cloud admin APIs. Some of those API capabilities do require purchasing Atlassian Access, which provides SSO via SAML and user provisioning via SCIM. For what it’s worth, those API standards may help you wire up existing identity providers without having to code your own provisioning UI. In short, the good practice is the new cloud admin APIs.