Is custom automation action possible?

I found this document:
It seems you can write your own automation action.

But then Forge module list does not have anything for automation:

I want to extend Jira Cloud Automation by providing my own Then: Action. Is that possible or not? If possible, are there any examples?

Hi @KCWong. I don’t believe that Automation framework actions are available in Forge yet. Nor are there REST API access to create/edit Automation rules. That being said, there is an open ticket on the latter, and I suggest upvoting/commenting your interest there:

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I was looking for a way to make use of the webhook in Automation. But webhook does not support any authentication. To expose a webhook that may make changes to my data to the internet, without any authentication, with your only defense a randomly generated URL… it is unthinkable.

I need some sort of defense mechanism. Like the ability to verify a password/token. Signature verification. Encryption. Or reading a password protected ZIP file.

That’s why I’m looking for a way to implement my own custom actions in Automation.

So that’s not possible… while there’s Forge post-function, it is still in beta.

I’m moving the whole process off Jira Cloud… to a PowerShell script that calls Jira Cloud REST APIs instead.

As a poor substitute you could do the following:
In your Automation rule check for a shared secret in the provided JSON payload. If this secret is present then continue with the rule, otherwise abort. That’s easily possible with the IF-ELSE condition.

My original goal is to automatically synchronize additional user information from AD to Jira. The data would be stored using the User Properties REST APIs (

I have abandoned the idea of using Automation now… the shared secret would require lots of manual action to maintain.

Instead I’m doing it from the servers, using a PowerShell script to extract user information from LDAP and push it to Jira via REST APIs.