Is each custom field in different iframe in case of apps provided fields?

Hi, just wanted understand if each custom field provided by apps is placed in different iframe. If so than what are possible ways for two fields provided by same app to interact with each other. For example when a value is set on one field than change options of other field.

I’m not quite sure whether apps can actually define iframes for custom fields (I don’t think so). But generally for communicating across iframes that are for example provided by Issue Glances or Web Panels you can use the Events JavaScript API.


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As far as I know customFields are currently possible withour iframe or any sort of styling (with a few of atlassian supported types like select, radio). It may be possible to adjust another field by implementing a hook that will watch on issue changes.
In case you want/need to style your custom field, you may take a look at the forge custom fields. There are some examples where the Field is calculated (e.g. a number of comments/attachments)


Hi @VishwajeetSingh,

There is no relationship between iframes and custom fields. Your app can access custom fields from any of its iframes through the JavaScript API. This is also true for entity properties - there is no locking down of entity properties based on iframes.



I have got some clarity on this. Thank you @sven.schatter @m.herrmann and @dmorrow appreciate it.