Is every user forced to "allow access"?

I’ve refined permission scopes and replaced asUser() with asApp(); the documentation of which is confusing. Still getting the “allow access” screen for every user.

I would expect if an admin grants access, it would do so for all users.

Are you guys seriously only removing the user consent screen in Oct-Dec 2022?

You recognize yeah how truly awful that UX is in production?

Particularly awful when a new user inserts a macro and is required to first publish the page before they can click the “Allow access” button.


I would also like to highlight this. We were just discussing it in the vendor chat and everyone thinks this is horrible.
The worst thing is that vendors do not see the real amount of bad user feedback, as many users will give up and not consent and then use the app.

I think this is a real blocker for forge adoption and I wish Atlassian could expedite this feature


@nathanwaters @ernst.stefan

I understand the frustration given the “tease” back in October last year:

That said, the most effective mechanism for prompting action is to watch, vote, and comment on the issue:

Please express your needs there.

Unfortunately though - we’re told to direct our needs at We're removing the allow access prompt for Forge apps - #19 which is closed. :frowning:

Either way - one year in order for things to be delivered (according to Trello ) seems less than optimal.

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I can’t defend the overall pace. But can you point me to where you’ve been directed to the closed thread?

Maybe it’s just me but “FYI we have an update on user consent here” - tells me that this is where the latest update is (which is closed) which leaves me as as a reporter/concerned individual lost… :frowning:

It’s as if nobody on the Forge team has installed and tried to use a Forge Confluence macro.

The roadmap is currently prioritizing aesthetics and new features over blocking UX fixes.

agreed, I see a lot of work happening on Connect to Forge, it even seems to be a focus of developer day - but to be quite clear - no one will move from Connect to Forge with the current state of things. My timeline, if I’d be doing this today would be July for an MP release - and then have my users deal with the consent screen for 5 months? I don’t think that makes sense.

I have outlined my concerns in the Jira ticket as well

Echoing the last few points. For teams trying to build Confluence apps that leverage macros the current Forge state is a bit rough. Key points are:

Sharing the tickets and points in case anyone wants to add a vote (if you haven’t already).