Is Forge a right tool?

I’m hoping to create an application that loads the whole project backlog (10000 items) and run analysis on it. Simple example will be indicate all epics that has 0 or 1 story. I found UI kit is simple for UI development, yet it feels like it is not designed for such jobs. Even rather trivial operations like iteration via issues seems like impossible due to 10 seconds load limit. Even with paging and async functions I’m constantly hitting road blocks. What are alternatives/suggestions for writing analytical apps?

Hi @AlexeiS,

you’re right, forge is not yet the right tool to do this. Because of the 10 seconds limit you can currently mostly only use it to build apps that send one or two REST calls to the host product, or integrate with an existing third party service. Anything that requires processing in the background or has some actual technical requirements is really hard to implement on forge at the moment, if not impossible.

The alternative framework, that will hopefully fit your requirements, is called Connect. The main difference being that you have to run it on your own infrastructure. Almost all of the Cloud apps on the Marketplace are currently built on it.

Hope this helps!



Yup, I guess @sven.schatter is unfortunately right. Workloads like the one you described in your question can not be handled by Forges backend functions. According to Atlassians last statements on the Developer Day the 10 seconds limit will not be lifted in the next time.

But before you choose Connect: As you nevertheless will need your own backend you should evaluate if you can connect your own server to your Forge application. Remind that Forge can communicate with servers outside the Atlassian Cloud. This works by defining external permissions. You could process workloads on your own machines and the push the result to a Forge web trigger.

Good luck!


Hi @JulianWolf and @sven.schatter ,

Thank you for the hints to use Connect or/and Forge as a frontend. The challenge, as I see it, will be data replication from the Jira backlog to the external “database” for processing. I’ll poke around.

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There is a “map-reduce” feature that we are considering for Jira and Confluence; but it is nowhere on the near-term backlog, unfortunately. There are other changes that are being worked on that may make this use case easier in the short term but nothing tangible just yet.


Hi @rmassaioli !
You guys created a hackathon for Forge apps and now we cannot deploy any of the apps we’ve built since there’s such a crazy limit, all app crashes after two requests.

Is there any way around it? We’re really stating to lose hope here, and there are 22 days left :pensive: