Is it possible for a Forge/JIRA App to send notifications to users on JIRA?

Basically, my whole usecase is - I’ve a website and I’m allowing users to get notifications through JIRA. And I see that with the JIRA REST API - it doesn’t let me do this. What it does let me do is let JIRA send notifications to you. I want the opposite.

Is it possible for a Forge/JIRA app to do this for me? So perhaps my users can add my app, and this app can send notifications?

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Hey @MuhammadRoushan

Most Jira notifications are sent via email.

Can you clarify what you mean when you say you want your users to get notifications through Jira? Where would these notifications appear / what would they look like / what would trigger them?


Hey @mpaisley !
I’d like the same thing. I’d like the user to receive a notification via the little bell at the upper right corner. Right now my app can only send an email.
Is there a way to do that with Forge?

Cheers, Mark