Is it possible to add records to the Jira Audit Log (ACE)?

Hi, community.
Is there any possibility to add records into the Jira Audit Log by the ACE addon? I see that it’s possible for Confluence, but for Jira, it seems only one API endpoint for Audit: * Get audit records.
Maybe I’m missing something? It would be amazing to get any information about that.

Appreciate your time. Kindest regards,
Igor Piskunov

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Hi @piskunovigorm,

As you said, it looks like you can currently only get audit records from Jira Cloud.

The Confluence Cloud endpoints that would allow you to add records to the audit log actually can’t be used by apps though:

Connect apps cannot access this REST resource.

And it’s been like that for quite a while. So, I guess, chances are that this isn’t going to become available in the near future.