Is it possible to call the Jira Software API from a Forge app?

If I interpret the docs correctly, it is currently not possible to call the Jira Software API from a Forge app.

I have been playing around with a sample app for a while trying to call api.asApp().requestJira("/rest/devinfo...") but I got to 403 - OAuth 2.0 is not enabled for this method.

Can anybody confirm that the Jira Software API is currently not accessible for Forge apps? Any idea when we could expect this?

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Hi @tbinna,

You are correct. The Jira Software REST API endpoints do not currently support OAuth 2.0 authentication at this stage. The team are aware of this and planning to fix it, but I don’t think there is a target fix date yet.



@dmorrow is there an update on this? Forge has gone GA and I’m surprised that one of the big Atlassian products isn’t able to support it yet. :frowning:


Hi @danielwester,

I believe the Jira Software team have committed to getting this done in the near future. Obviously that’s still a bit vague so I’ll make some enquiries to see if there is an estimate.


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Hi @danielwester ,

Circling back, the team is aiming to enable OAuth 2.0 (3LO) calls against the Jira Software Cloud APIs within the next month or two.



@dmorrow as Forge can only access v3 REST API, any advice on how to call /rest/agile/1.0/board? projectKeyOrId={projectKey} in Forge Custom UI app?

The following page says :

Jira Cloud REST API version 2 is not supported by the forge lint command. Only /rest/api/3 paths are supported.

So I would guess v1 is not supported either.

Any updates on this one? Is it possible to call the Jira Software APIs from Forge yet?

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I haven’t seen any updates @jkells.

I’m keeping an eye on this Jira ticket

It seems to be technically done but hasn’t been pushed to prod yet.

Thanks @LouisPhilippeCarigna ,

That ticket looks very promising. I’m following it now also.

Hi @dmorrow,

Can we have an update on the status of this? I am trying to implement a Forge app and it is critical I can get access to the Agile API functions.


In answer to my own question, it looks like this has been fixed now.

FYI - I had to look out for things like calling “rest/agile/1.0”, not “rest/agile/latest”, and organising the necessary permissions, but I can get to the data now.

The following post effectively unlocked the ability to use Jira Software inside of Forge apps:

As such, I’m locking this thread from further comments.

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