Is it possible to close the tab which was opened with

Hi All,

I am working on a Forge App and I am new to its APIs. The requirement was to open an external URL in my App. I tried to open the external page via a Pop-up or via redirect.

Later I learnt that, Forge is preventing popups and full page redirects due to security reasons. But a router API call [ ] can open the page in next page and for that the user has to give consent.


The API was working fine and it solved my issue. Now I want to close the tab that was opened with the router’s open method.

When I searched for solutions online, MDN documentation says, window.close() method will not close the tab that was not opened by any script (as in our case).

Now, is there any way that I can close the tab ? or is there any workaround to solve the issue?

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Hi @JohnsonJayaraj
I also want to close my tab automatically. Have you find a solution?