Is it possible to create a Confluence Page From the Jira Issue Transitions/view page ? A dialog will open with fields and when saved it should move to confluence as a page

How to open a form from Jira Issue and that form contains the Confluence Template and when save button is clicked, it should be saved in confluence as a page?
Is it possible to integrate jira - confluence this way?
which feature or functionality of atlassian i should use to achieve this?

Hi @arunk,

If I understood it correctly, what I can think of is you can build a jira plugin, add web panel on right side of issue, and on submit call ContentService or the wrapper Confluence REST API create content.


Anne Calantog

Thanks for reply @acalantog
I will try this solution, but is it possible to get the Confluence Template as a form and on submit the information provided should be saved as a page in confluence?