Is it possible to create an issue as the "Application" in an OAuth 2.0 3LO app?

Hi there, I currently have an OAuth 2.0 app and am trying to query the Jira REST API to create an issue, but I would like the issue to be from the App itself, and not from the authenticated user. I would like to avoid creating a Forge app for this, as it seems super bloated process for a simple REST API call.

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I also cannot find anything in the documentation that would allow me to do this. Many other applications I have written integrations for contain a query parameter as_user or actor=application for this use case.

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I confirm what you must now suspect by a thorough search of the documentation. The authorization grant flow (what we call 3LO) is inherently an “as user” flow for OAuth 2. In order to support “as app”, we would need to implement the client credentials flow. Technically, we have implemented that flow but for a small set of Jira Software endpoints, not all of them. The only general means for “as app” are Forge & Connect.

Ah that’s unfortunate that it’s not implemented for the REST API, thanks for the response!