Is it possible to create JSD form drop-down field with dynamically generated values

Hi there,

Apologies in advance if this is a silly question. I’ve never really built anything with JSD and I’m trying to determine if it would be an option to solve a requirement.

The scenario goes something like this…

  • Need to create a user request form (i.e. user fills out form, picks a few items, types in some free text, submits form)

  • Considering JSD as a potential option to do this

  • In the scenario, one of the required fields in the form will be a list where the user picks one value

  • The values for the field, i.e the list items, need to be generated dynamically on the fly by querying from a data source that exists outside of the JSD envionment.

  • Thinking that the solution might run something like this…
    ** User starts form
    ** Form connects to outside data, looks up values for field list items (likely to be wait time here)
    ** Field is populated and available for use
    ** User continues on, fills out form, submits…

Is this something a JSD form can do

Not out of the box per-say, but we do this today with Scriptrunner so any plugin should be able to do it.

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Thanks @sfbehnke,

That looks promising.

Much appreciated.

No problem. We use it to create fields for referencing Parts/Work Orders via an API and we also pull different information like Suppliers or other various lists of items via SQL. We already used Scriptrunner for various other features or needs, so when we discovered we could do this we were pretty happy.


Random note: Many plugins offer this capability. You should trial them and ensure you pick one that matches your budget and comfort level.