Is it possible to customize the column of projects' information on 'Browse Projects' page?

I created a JIRA plugin and added one custom web item named ‘CUSTOM’.

After clicking on the item ‘CUSTOM ALL PROJS’, I got a page of all projects’ information which all users can see it.
The screenshot is as follows.

I find that the table filled with projects’ information is generated by a file named, and the action class is named browseprojects.

Now I want to delete the column of ‘Project Type’ and add a new column like ‘Project Description’.
Is it possible to do it without changing the source code of JIRA ?

Thank you!

If this is a P2 plugin (for JIRA Server) you can use client-side JavaScript to make changes to the native UI of JIRA. Although this is not recommended (users might get confused) it does allow you to do whatever you want without having to change the JIRA source code (which is not something most users will feel comfortable with).

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