Is it possible to display a custom field on Issue View without using "function"

I am pretty new to Forge and so far it seems like only the “function” property allows for rendering on the Issue View (as opposed to custom field edit modal), which is only possible going through the default cli bundler and seems to error out with “ReferenceError: window is not defined” when a ReactDOM render is called.

Is it possible to display the field UI from a resource or in some other way or maybe I’m missing something obvious here?

Hoping for your advice!

Hi @Sofie,

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer community. Happy to see that you are working with Forge.

It is indeed possible to render a custom field without using a rendering function.

There is an example in this repository. Please note that the functions there are not part of the jira:customField module and are referenced only by the webtrigger and trigger.


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