Is it possible to filter webhook events triggered by x user?

Pretty much just as the description states. I’m working on creating an integration that syncs changes in my app to changes in Jira. The issue is that we need to be able to filter out events triggered by changes made inside my app, since they are already being handled by interacting with Jira API.

I’ve looked up and down jql docs but can’t find a solution. I’m only able to find filters for reporters/assignees/creators. But that doesn’t work because our system user will be creating the Jira issue, but then we need to be able to pick up events made on the Jira issue itself by regular users.

Is it possible to filter out all webhook events triggered by a specific user?

Hi @StevenCummings ,

I don’t think JQL provides the capability to filter issues by the last account that triggered the update.

I started thinking about whether your app could set an issue entity property because JQL supports indexed entity property filtering, but I’m not sure if this is feasible.

Otherwise you may have to allow the webhook to be fired and do the filtering in the code that receives it.


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Hey @dmorrow ,

I appreciate the reply! I was afraid that this is the case. We can definitely filter it out on our end, just wanted to avoid the extra webhook events firing if possible.

Thanks again,

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