Is it possible to generate API tokens for cloud by rest?

Hi I need to generate a jira cloud user and an API token for a connection with cloud. Is there a way to generate token by rest?


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Technically, you can’t really generate a Jira Cloud user directly. There is one Atlassian Identity layer for all Atlassian products, which means your REST API client would need to act like an identity and access management (IAM) service like Okta. Specifically, that means implementing System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), even if just for the part that does POST /scim/directory/{directoryId}/Users in order to create a user. To understand in summary view, read more from the admin perspective about user provisioning. This explains how Atlassian Identity and Access integration eventually get users into products, even if indirectly.

I’m not sure exactly what use case you are solving with token generation, but it is not possible through the REST API. I think I can speak for our ecosystem security team to say that would be a bad idea. The appropriate mechanism for REST API clients to obtain access with minimal user intervention would be the authorization code flow, also known as 3LO.