Is it possible to let users input users for cql with the GDPR changes

When the Atlassian GDPR changes take effect it will no longer be possible to use username in cql. In our app we currently let users put in contributors as usernames, that is then used to filter search for activities (/rest/api/search?cql=contributor in (“username1”,“username2”…)).

Is there anyway for us to provide this feature post GDPR or will we have to remove it? I don’t think there’s a reasonable way for our users to find the accountId for a user or maybe I’m wrong?

I think your best option at this point would be to implement a user picker that customers can use to find the right accountId.

However, there is no user picker REST API in Confluence Cloud - it has been requested here (that ticket has a partial workaround)

The other way for customers to find a user’s accountId is to visit the /people URL in their Cloud instance and search for users there. The URL contains the accountId when you view an individual’s account page. E.g. contains a search box you can use to find users. When viewing a user the URL looks a bit like:

Thank you @jbevan! Now I know what my options are.