Is it possible to search for dashboard entity properties using JQL?

I’d like to be able to search for my app’s dashboard item entity properties across all of my dashboard items added to dashboards in a Jira Cloud instance using JQL.

The documentation for enabling indexing of entity properties via JQL doesn’t have any mention of dashboard items as an available entity to add to an Entity Property module in my app’s manifest:




Defaults to


Allowed values
  • issue
  • user
  • USER
  • project

The type of the entity. The default value is issue.

Notice that there is no mention of dashboard items in the allowed values for entity types.

Is it possible to allow for enumeration of my app’s dashboard item entity properties via JQL? I want to search across all instances of my dashboard items added to dashboards and get the value of a specific entity property for that instance.

Even more basic, is there any way for a Jira Cloud app to enumerate all of it’s own dashboard item instances on dashboards? You can’t keep a list using a plug-in property because of the async rendering of dashboard items along with “last-in wins” rule for plug-in properties, so doing something like having the dashboard item update a global plug-in property on first run with it’s dashboard and item ID doesn’t work. I tried that before I realized it was a non-starter, you have to get the list to modify it, but by the time you save it back some other instance on the same dashboard may have modified it, and you end up with missing instances in the list.