Is it possible to use python within forge?

Lately I’ve created a Custom UI app with forge. And i wanted to improve it using some nlp algorithms. The problem is, typescript and Javascript do not have that cool libraries that exist for python so i wanted to know if it’s possible to use pythonwithin my code . If not please suggest me a solution.
Thanks in advance

Hi @jalelabbassi1920

The native Forge runtime only supports JavaScript and TypeScript today, so you wouldn’t be able to use a python library within your Forge app.

It would be possible to host your python executable externally (eg. directly on AWS Lambda or another hosting provider) and then call it remotely from your Forge app using the fetch API in the forge runtime:

This is substantially more work though, as you’ll now need to build, operate and monitor an external infrastructure provider in order to run your app.

It is possible we may provide support for other languages on Forge in the future, but we have no solid plans for this at the moment.

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