Is it worth spending time/money developing DC apps

I need some guidance from other vendors because I am not sure Atlassian has been very clear about it.

I run an Atlassian Consultancy company and 95% of our revenue comes from services and it is great but in 2023 we want to prioritise app development.

Personally I have lot of experience developing simple Java apps and extensive ScriptRunner background. I understand Jira Java APIs as well. I am going to invest in development this year and wanted to understand is it worth doing all this on DC.

My end goal is to make a profitable app. I don’t care if it is DC or Cloud.

We are trying To Forge but we don’t have Node.js/React expertise yet. I tried looking for some good Forge apps that are selling well but not 100% convinced yet.

I don’t want to spend months only to realise that one day in near future DC will be shut down.

Am I overthinking? Any suggestions?