Is multi-page dialog possible with Dialog2?

Hi there,

I have a custom plugin (not on JIRA 7.1) which adds custom links between issues.
It uses a Dialog AUI component, with it’s ability to create multi-page dialogs.
In my case for example, a user fills in search parameters on the first page, then selects one of corresponding issues on the second page, and finally adds comments and saves the link on the third page. So, it has different content and different sets of buttons on every page.

The original Dialog component has a convenient way of doing such things, but we are preparing to upgrade to JIRA 7.5 which includes AUI 6. The Dialog component is deprecated there, while Dialog2 offered as a replacement doesn’t have anything like that, as far as I can see.

Is there a way to implement a muti-page dialog with the new component? So far, the best way I see is to put a Form inside the dialog and work with it (update it’s contents, or put several of them and show/hide as user navigates between pages).

The body of the Dialog2 is designated by a particular CSS class:

<!-- Main dialog content -->
<div class="aui-dialog2-content">
    <p>Hello World</p>

Inside that div, I imagine that you could implement a wizard-style interface, which you could control via JavaScript that you download as an accompanying web resource. You could even experiment with putting forward/backward controls in the Dialog2’s header.

Caveat: that’s not something I’ve attempted yet, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Thanks, I was thinking in that direction too :slight_smile:

It’s just… the old Dialog was much more convenient and powerful in such cases. I just don’t understand why would Atlassian deprecate such a flexible tool without offering a competitive replacement.

I understand. On the other side of the coin, it could be argued that Dialog2 is more flexible. Of course, that doesn’t negate the frustration you feel in your present circumstances.