Is possible to Insert a Jira Gadget inside a Confluence Macro created by Forge


I already follow this tutorial →, and now I’m trying to make something more advance.

I’m trying to create a new Confluence macro in Forge, which received as a parameter a JQL, I want to configure several Jira gadgets inside the macro using the same JQL that the user enters in the configuration of the Macro.

is this possible with Forge?


Hi Adrian! I’m not aware of joint efforts between Confluence Macros and Jira Gadgets yet. I guess for now they would have to be used separately.

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Hi Fred,

Thanks for your answer here, Does Atlassian have a timeline for it?


I don’t see it on the roadmap for Forge (Trello) so, no, no timeline.

A quick look at the backlog for Forge doesn’t turn up anything, either: Forge - Issues - Ecosystem Jira

I’d recommend creating a new issue that clearly outlines what you’d like to see added.

Hi Bentley,

How can I create a new issue? looks like I don’t have permission for it