Is property unique and immutable across all jira cloud hosts?


I’m writing Jira connect add-on and persisting some project data to the database.

I’m retrieving the relevant data based on projectId.

In order to run this add-on on multiple jira instances/hosts (e.g, I need to ensure that projectId is unique across all jira cloud hosts.

Haven’t found any information on this in official docs.

Is it mentioned anywhere that projectId is unique? Is there a way I can ensure it is?

Hi, @glib.cornichon.

Project ids are unique only to a cloud instance. In your example, 2 different instances will have two projects with the same ID. If you need to have a unique ID, I would go the route of using the baseUrl/instanceUrl combined with projectId.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, @iragudo,

Thank you for very much your answer!