Is searching custom content through Confluence quick search supported?

Custom content I’ve created is searchable through advanced search (after providing the type), but it seems that it’s not possible to find it through the quick search, even with indexing for it enabled in the app descriptor. Official documentation claims it should be supported:

Custom content can be:

  • Indexed as a built-in content type and rendered in quick search and site-wide search.

To give you an example, I’ve created custom content with a word “client” in the title. Indexing is enabled for this custom content.

As you can see, it’s searchable in advanced search:

But it’s not in the quick search:

If this is not supported, then is there any way to prioritize adding support for it?

I’ve found an interesting behavior when troubleshooting further. Custom content that wasn’t previously searchable starts to show up in the quick search but:

  • only after opening it directly through wiki/display/spaceKey/customContent/id URL,
  • it works only when searching by title - searching through custom content body is still working only in Advanced Search
  • it works only for user who opened custom content this way. For all other users, content is still not visible in quick search results
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I’ve also noticed that newly created/edited custom content doesn’t show up neither in “All updates” on Confluence activity feed, nor in “Worked on” section of user profile. I’m almost sure custom content was visible in these two places in the past. I’d love if someone from Atlassian could look into it, if it is only me, or there’s some bug/regression happening here.

Problems with not being able to search custom content through “global/quick” search still persist. Could anyone from Atlassian look at it/report a bug? Lack of support for this is very inconvenient for our customers.