Is the limitation of 25 sec of forge env gone with this new nodejs environment

Just what the title say’s , with forge moving to new nodejs environment Is it now possible for forge app’s to have an invocation time of more than 25 sec’s

It seems like the 25 sec limit still exists . But I was able to solve my issue using the async event invocation , with the help of the answer below . Using this the limit got extended to 55 sec

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Hi @dmorrow
May I know if the solution is for the error? Thanks

Trace ID: f77a90fbabe24567bf509572bb579426
2024-03-06T22:13:17.450Z c702682f-0a7d-443c-9558-e63052d8aaa6 Task timed out after 25.03 seconds
Trace ID: 4d0a2a9e839249c8ac1a82a03da5d9e7
2024-04-01T17:51:17.073Z c5a75ede-c103-4216-8ae6-609c9d8bb3b4 Task timed out after 25.04 seconds

Hi @YY1 ,

The invocation limits are documented at

Runtime seconds: 25
Runtime seconds (async events): 55

It looks like your timeouts occurred in a regular invocation rather than in an async event invocation.